Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011

Often when people come by and look at the massive work project going on in our yard, I'll offer to take them on a little tour of the new basement.  This gives me an opportunity to build goodwill with the neighbors who might be offended by the eyesore that is our yard.  I've met some very nice people this way and our project has gained some very enthusiastic supporters.  Many people worried that the house would be torn down to make room for condos when it was for sale in 2005.  Most people are relieved to hear that we don't plan on making huge alterations that will make the house less of a true representation of the original structure. 
I mention this now because in addition to the human visitors to the construction site, Dave found foot prints that show raccoons are also fascinated by the progress.  I just hope they don't plan on moving in.